Forgiveness Story Board
Updated: 6/17/2020
Forgiveness Story Board
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  • Thank you Marian!
  • Congratulations John! You worked really hard for it and deserve it.
  • Oh my gosh I cannot believe I just did that. Oh my gosh.
  • What did you do to the trophy Marian?!?
  • Save it!! I don't want to hear it!!!
  • John I am so sorry I accidentally moved it to the other room and it slipped.
  • John and Marian just got home from Johns award acceptance ceremony for developing a new software. He had been working very hard for years and really wanted this award.
  • What did I just do to my wife. I flipped out on her over some dumb trophy
  • John had gone off to bed and Marian wanted to move the trophy off the ottoman and into another room. She had tried placing the trophy on a shelf and she dropped it and a piece had broken off and there was a dent in it. She was devastated and knew John would be too.
  • Save it. Don't worry about it. I am sorry for the way I reacted. I was wrong and I apologize.
  • John im so sorry about the trophy I really did not mean to it was an accident.
  • The next morning, John saw that there was a dent in his trophy and a piece had broken off. John was furious and did not even want to hear Marian speak. Marian was very upset and John wanted no part of it. He then left for work.
  • I love you too Marian. It is no big deal.
  • I love you very much John and I am sorry again
  • John thought about the way he reacted to Marian this morning and he felt guilty. He never let Marian explain herself and he felt really bad.
  • It does not mean more to me than you do Marian
  • John came home from work and apologized for how he acted this morning. Marian forgave him and she kept apologizing profusely and John was able to forgive what she did. Marian means much more to him than the trophy.
  • Thank you for apologizing and again I am really sorry about the trophy. I know how much that meant to you.
  • John and Marian went into the kitchen to have a glass of wine. Marian apologized again and John has moved on. They were able to work through it and forgive one another.
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