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Updated: 5/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hey you. Yeah you in the front. Can i say something. Your face looks so ugly. I hope you are not in my class so i don't have to look at you all day
  • OHHHHHHHHHH no. Why out of everyone do you have to be in my class great now i have to look at you
  • oh wow maybe i should do somethi-ng about this
  • Would you like to talk about something Devi
  • Yes please
  • Please, come in
  • Yes
  • I think the new kid is being bullied by Justin
  • I think her name is Amy. How was Justin Bullying Amy
  • Is the new kid in a red jumper.
  • He was calling her ugly and complaining that she is is his class
  • Ok, I will have a talk to him