Updated: 6/14/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • The boy in this scene has developed PTSD, a mental health condition that has occurred after multiple traumatic events in his life.
  • Family members are really concerned about his welfare and discuss how they are going to try to help him.
  • The family plans a meeting and lets the boy know that they are there to support him and what to help him through it. He is not alone. They discuss treatment options with him.
  • The boy sees a psychiatrist to begin therapy. The doctor suggest a number of sessions to work through his issues and anxiety medication to help relieve symptoms. The doctor explains that there is no shame in taking medication for mental health issues and also suggest some alternative therapies.
  • The boy feels brighter after his meetings with the psychiatrist and he also begins his medication. After approximately 2 weeks, a combination of the medication and therapy are making him feel good. The symptoms are subsiding.
  • Encouraged by the positive progress he is making and the love and support of his family the boy tries out some of the alternative therapies that they recommended. He starts off with yoga and meditation and is already feeling a lot more relaxed. His Family are over the moon he has taken some action and starting to manage his disorder.