Development of the Atomic Theory
Updated: 11/25/2020
Development of the Atomic Theory

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Democrities and I discovered that matter is made up of particles.
  • I think that if you cut a substance enough times, you will get to a point where you cant cut it any longer, and that is a particles
  • I am James Dalton, and I discovered that compounds were made up of different elements that cannot be created or destroyed
  • I am J.J. Thomson, and I discovered positive and negative electrons
  • I am Ernest Rutherford, and I discovered that particles are mainly made up of space because I shot some positive electrons through a sheet of gold, and whereas most went through, some bounced back. This is how I discovered the nucleus.
  • I am Niels Bohr, and I discovered that electrons orbit the nucleus in fixed energies and distances, but are able to jump between levels of orbit. But later others found out that the electrons can move in waves throughout orbit.
  • I am Werner Heisenberg, and I found out that it is impossible to find out the exact speed and position of electrons. This is also known as the quantum model.