Jude the obscure
Updated: 3/22/2020
Jude the obscure

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Jude Fawley, a poor stonemason whose dream is to become a student at the University of Christminster
  • I get married to Annabelle Donn, who then fakes a pregnancy!Needless to say, our marriage falls apart.
  • ...and I am denied entry to Christminster!!!
  • While being here, I fall in love with my cousin, Sue Bridehead, with whom I raise Little Father Time, the son I didn't know I'd had with Annabelle, and other two children of our own. BUT WE ARE NOT MARRIED. So we are ostracized by our community. We are jobless and homeless.
  • Believing that he and his half-siblings are the source of the family's woes, Little Father Time hangs himself and them. Now Sue thinks it's her fault!
  • In the end, Sue goes back to her ex-husband and I go back to Annabelle, but then I fall ill and eventually die.This is the end of Jude the Obscure.