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gatsby 1
Updated: 3/28/2019
gatsby 1
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  • Daisy and Gatsby leave in a car and Jordan Gatsby and Nick leave in the other. "You two start home, Mr.Gatsby's car" Tom said "Go on. He won't annoy you. I think he realizes his presumptuous little flirtation is over" (Fitzgerald 135)
  • Upon arriving at Wilson's garage, Wilson is acting very suspicious because he has discovered his wife's infidelity. "I've got my wife locked up down there." said Wilson with suspicion "She's going to stay there until the dat after tomorrow then were going to move away"(Fitzgerald 137) Myrtle Wilson runs outside and is hit by a car, killing her instantly.
  • A random man confirms that the car was yellow and a policeman steps in to asks what happened. "It was a yellow car...big yellow car. New" says the man "you dont have to tell me what kind of car it was!" yells Tom The police officer begins to ask questions.
  • Jordan, Gatsby, and Nick leave for the Buchanans' house "The God Damn coward!...He didn't even stop his car!" (Fitzgerald 141) said Tom with tears streaming down his face. They soon arrive at the Buchanans'
  • Nick runs into Gatsby on his way out. Its discovered that he and Daisy were in the car that killed Myrtle Wilson. "Well, I tried to swing the wheel-" ..."Was Daisy driving?" Inquired Nick. "Yes...."(Fitzgerald 143)
  • Tom checks in the window to see how Daisy and Tom are to see an intimate dinner. "Is it all quiet up there?" inquired Gatsby "Yes, its all quiet" "I want to stay here til Daisy goes to bed. Goodnight old sport."(Fitzgerald 145) Says Gatsby Tom goes home in a taxi while Gatsby stands in the moonlight.
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