Updated: 3/28/2021

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  • 1. "O-M-G, look at them. Her bf would be so mad. I'm gonna post this !"
  • 2. "Don't post it, you know it's not true"
  • 1. "You shouldn't of done that. Take it down . all your going to do is cause drama"
  • 2. "What are you going to do about it. It's only for fun."
  • 1. "Hey Jack. just letting you know that Kate posted a photo of this year 12 with you gf. I told her not to.
  • 2. "Thanks for letting me know that isn't true."
  • 2. "Like I care, I'm not taking it down. You're a jerk"
  • 1." Hey Kate, I don't think you should post that sort of stuff. It's gonna cause problems. I've already had people say stuff to me about it.
  • 2. "I will see what i can do."
  • 1. "Hello Ms, I don't know who else to talk to, but this picture was posted and I've asked the girl to take it down, but she won't. I'm getting bullied over it now.
  • 2. "Ok, I will. Sorry."
  • 1. "We thought you were smarter than this. Take it down and apologise."