Boston Tea Party
Updated: 10/10/2018
Boston Tea Party
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  •  I am not happy of the situation but I am glad we were at least named the Daughters of Liberty!
  • Yes! I can't believe they put a tax on glass, paint, TEA, and clothes!
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • This is my house and I will not let you in!
  • ⬅️ WEST
  • The government these days.
  • The new act of the king says you must house me and take care of me!
  • Quartering Act 1765
  • What's the point of taxes? All they do is take money away from us and it all goes to the king!
  • Townshend Act 1767 
  • This is the Kings fault we are coming out here. He is the one that is making us pay his debt.
  • How am I supposed to pay for all my letters? I guess I will have to cut down on paper.
  • Now they're adding taxes to paper and stamps!
  • Stamp Act 1765
  • We will not pay for the taxes!
  • Fine then, you will die and we will take the money anyway!
  • Boston Massacre 1770
  • Well, we are protesting because the king will not take the tax on tea off!
  • These Indian costumes are way too itchy.
  • Boston Tea Party 1773
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