Jesus Birth storyboard
Updated: 2/17/2020
Jesus Birth storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Mary, do not be frightened, you are having the child of the holy spirit.
  • One day, in Jerusalem an angel was sent down by God to delivered the message to Mary telling her she is having the child of the Holy spirit.
  • The angel then appeared in Joseph's dream telling him to take Mary in with open arms, for she is having a child from the Holy Spirit who will save his people from their sins.
  • Find him! Bring word back!
  • When Joseph woke up the next day, he did what the angel said and took care of Mary. Mary and Joseph then set off to Bethlehem on a donkey.
  • When they got to Bethlehem all the inns were full, so Mary and Joseph were placed in a stable. The holy child was soon born in a manger under a bight star.
  • When King Herod heard about Jesus, he was enraged and frightened. The three wise men came to King Herod and exclaimed that they had seen a bright star in the sky, that would lead to the new born king.
  • King Herod sent the three wise men to follow the star to where the child was born to seek word about his gifts.