at the kids hosue
Updated: 2/14/2020
at the kids hosue

Storyboard Text

  • Did you hear about The Water Girl
  • Yeah it was all over the news let me show you.
  • Yeah I heard she saved people and water that was in the pollution.
  • Here we are at the Ganges river it is super clean The Water Girl come by and clean it up all the waste and trash is clean up so if you see The Water Girl make sure to thank her and take a picture with her.
  • That is all it for "10 News" have a good day.
  • I know the kids was so happy when they heard the new.
  • Yay i am so happy that The Water Girl helped that river
  • meanwhile at the kids house
  • I know right, now all that people can have stuff to drink and cook with.
  • kids did yall hear about The Water Girl
  • Yes we did, she is so nice she helps so much
  • maybe she should come to another river
  • Mom can we ask her
  • I guess we can give her a call