Updated: 3/19/2020

Storyboard Description

This storyboard's purpose is to explain to learners what the different types of levers are and give them an example they are familiar with.

Storyboard Text

  • I know that the oars are a first class lever, but how do they work?
  • A first class lever works by the fulcrum being in between the effort (the person moving the oar) and the load (the water moving in the opposite direction to the effort).
  • Mom has asked me to move these logs off the lawn... *sigh* At least I'll get to practice my knowldge on second class levers!
  • A second class lever is where the load is in between the effort and the fulcrum. The load and the effort move in the same direction. The wheel acts as the fulcrum.
  • Good job my boy!
  • Come on Doc, PLEASE! Just staple me up with that stapler and I'll be on my way!
  • HUH?
  • This third class lever is identified by the effort is in between the fulcrum and the load. The load and the effort also move in the same direction.
  • I'm sorry Miss Wilde, this stapler is a third class lever and can't be used for medical purposes.