THe Elevator aftermath

Updated: 5/12/2020
THe Elevator aftermath

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  • Oh that was just a dream, good thing she doesn't know me
  • a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t ??
  • Who are you!/?! how do you know me??
  • What!?!?!
  • Oh you frail and weak boy, I have always been with you, I am the representation of your fear
  • How?!?
  • Think about it, the first time you saw me, you were immediately uncomfortable because I AM YOUR FEAR
  • Wha?!?
  • Plus your Father never knew me, or saw me because I am imaginary, not real.
  • But you physically attacked me! im injured
  • Oh and good job, you overcame your fear, since you have no fear, I shouldn't exist
  • Now that I think about it, You're not scary at all!
  • Nope, YOU'RE the one that fell down the stairs after seeing me.
  • Bye now!!