Artemis fowl

Updated: 5/18/2020
Artemis fowl

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  • In this picture, you see Artemis Fowl, and Butler in front of Fowl Manor.
  • The setting is present time, and the characters are real people. There are also fairies adding a hint of fantasy.
  • Created by Sean Hanel. Book Artemis Fowl by: Eoin Colfer.
  • Holly Short, a fairy LEP officer, is kidnapped by criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl when he uncovers the evidence of fairies. He demands one metric ton of gold as her ransom fund. When she agrees to granting Artemis's wish of bringing back his mother's sanity, he releases her with half of her ransom fund.
  • Help me!
  • Artemis had a change of heart because Holly had saved both their lives, so "one way or another, she will return to her kind. no harm will befall captain Short, you have my word."
  • "They're going to bio-bomb Fowl Manner the second that Captain Short is clear."