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Important events that lead to the revolution
Updated: 9/20/2019
Important events that lead to the revolution
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  • Sugar Act
  • King George has filed taxes on Sugar which includes Molasses!
  • I am so mad
  • No!!
  • What?!
  • Stamp Act Congress
  • "No taxation without representation"
  • Let's write a petition!
  • yes, what should we say?
  • Tea Act
  • It can't be!
  • We need to protest
  • England filed another tax but this time it is on tea!
  • What did we do to deserve this?!
  • This can't be true
  • This event is important because it was the first act where the English enforced taxes.
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Here come the next boat filled with more chests of tea
  • Lets start pouring the chests of tea in the Harbor
  • We have to do it fast
  • This is important because this is where the colonies came up with "No Taxation without Representation". They used this to try and persuade the British on not to file anymore taxes.
  • Battle on Bunker Hill
  • Yes sir
  • Charge!!
  • Were running out of Ammo
  • We cant let any more troops die
  • This event is important because this event made the colonists mad and it later turns into the Boston tea party.
  • Common sense
  • Monarchy is bad for are government. I need to persuade everybody that people need to go againsts the British .
  • This event is important because of the aftermath of pouring the tea in to the Boston harbor was big.
  • This event is important because it was one of the first real battles between the British and the colonists.
  • This event was important because it persuaded many peoples opinions and it lead to the making of the declaration of independence.
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