Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Description

This is my first story board

Storyboard Text

  • Son, I have to go to Galliopli to fight for my country, your mother and for you!
  • Dad! Please don't go I don't want to loose you as well!
  • Dad, I want to come with you, at least let me do that
  • Frank it is far to dangerous for you, I will not allow you to risk your life for me!
  • Daisy, my fathers gone!
  • Frank's dad, Ted is going to the war of Gallipoli and Frank does noy want to lose his father, he has already lost many people
  • Frank knows that his father will know allow him to come with him but he still tries because he loves his father.
  • I'm sorry mate, but I just can't see you suffer anymore then you already have, Daisy!
  • Your turn, Frank
  • Frank recieves news about his father saying he has passed away
  • DAD?!
  • Come here son!
  • Frank loses Otton, Lesney and Bosworth during this attack, they were very important to him. He tells them how much they will be missed and how faithful they were to the camp
  • Frank and Johnson decides to put their horses out of their misery. Frank says his last goodbyes to his friend, Daisy and how much he will miss her.
  • Franks father feels it is now safe for him to return to his son because everyone thought he had passed away and it was far to dangerous for his son. Ted now is clear from the illness he has comtracted.