The trial
Updated: 3/28/2020
The trial

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  • All right, let's get to it.
  • An hour later
  • Miss Murphy, where did you meet the defendant?
  • I worked with him, he was my boss.
  • Silence please!
  • That's a lie!
  • A month ago, Mr Jackson asked me to help him late, I stayed, but I felt uncomfortable... He offered to take me home after work. He touched my legs... I asked him to stop, but he kissed me by force...
  • All right, miss, how was the attack you suffered from your former boss?
  • Order! Order!
  • Maybe... You tempted my client with suggestive signs.
  • Objection! The statement didn't take place in the facts.
  • No! That didn’t give him any right over me, he raped me.
  • A few minutes later
  • Mr Jackson, you claimed not to have touched my client... but we found your DNA on her, how do you respond to that?
  • She wanted it and I gave it to her.
  • According to the evidence obtained in this case and what was said in this trial, the jury and I will meditate for the final verdict.