Updated: 10/10/2021

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  • Ideas
  • I love to read books, so knowing a new book with such a different story was really nice. I never read a book with so many plot twists, where the paragraphs were primary numbers, with so important and necessary subjects, and where the main character had a social disorder. I really was intrested and wanted to know every time more about what really happened on the murder, and about Chritopher´s way of thinking.
  • I learned a lot with the book and my researches for the project, especially about observing and respecting different perspectives , you never know a person's values, for example christopher, that was moved by logic because of his disorder, but if you look at him on the street you would probably not think that he has any disorder. We all are different in appearance and personality, and that is a good thing, is what make us so unique. But because of that we need to respect one another and use dignity with the others every day to be better persons and to have a better world .
  • I always had problems with organization because I think a lot but can't connect and separate the ideas on a way that is easy to the others to understand, so I had some difficulties with this, but I also think that I improved it a lot, on a way that can help me on the next english and other classes projects.
  • I have a lot of good arguments that I do on my head, but I don't know exactly how to express and make connections between them while writing , improving my organization skills helped a lot, but with my struggles I also improved the way that I think, to try to think more clearly to be easier to express it on my essay and I also learned more connection words that I´m gonna use a lot
  • I chose dignity because I was really curious about this word, I didn't knew exactly the meaning of it and how it was applied on our everyday lives, but with my researches I discovered the origin of it, the dictionary meaning, how it is applied when comes to the law, how it is applied on our everyday lives, how I can use it and that dignity is a concept, so I started with 2 questions and finished with the whole history of dignity.
  • Concentration is something that I always had a little problem with, because it takes a time for me to concentrate on something, and when I concentrate on this, I forget the whole world around me and just think about this thing. But I'm getting better at concentrating on the time that I want, and don't be just waiting for that time to come, and I think I could do this a lot while doing this project .