Wonder - Halloween Scenes

Updated: 6/23/2020
Wonder - Halloween Scenes

Storyboard Text

  • YAY! I love halloween.
  • Time to go to school!
  • If I looked like him I would kill myself!
  • E=mc2
  • 3+(5x4)-3=?
  • I just called your mum she will be here soon.
  • Okay, will she be quick?
  • Your brothers school just called, they said he doesn't feel well.
  • What"s wrong?
  • Fine! I heard Jack Will say he would kill himself if he looked like me.
  • You took my day with mum so you have to tell me what happened
  • Okay, I know I said you could have all my candy, but I only said that to get you out of the house!
  • Promise to give me all your candy? ...