To kill a mocking bird
Updated: 1/24/2020
To kill a mocking bird
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  • Scout at School
  • Tell your daddy to stop teaching you
  • ABCDEFG.....I can read too.
  • The Gifts
  • Radley House NO TRESPASSING
  • Uh no. *cry*
  • The Boo Radley Game
  • Stop acting out his life!
  • Ahhhh!!!
  • *sweep sweep*
  • When at school her teacher Miss Caroline is angry that she already knows how to read. Scout gets in trouble many times. Scout is upset because she was yelled at for being to smart.
  • Kids Almost Get Killed
  • * a ratatata*
  • Scout and Dill receive gifts from inside the Radley's tree. Then Nathan Radley filled the tree with cement so they could write a note to their secret person, who was most likely Boo Radley because of the reaction of Jem when they can't give him a letter.
  • Calpurnia's Church
  • Who let these white children inside our church. This is unfair.
  • Dill comes to Maycomb in the summer and creates this game where they act out Boo Radley's life. Scout was suppose to represent Mrs. Radley, Jem was Mr. Radley, and Dill was Boo. Atticus caught them but they tried to just change their names.
  • Mrs. Dubose
  • Please get me the morphine! Ahhhh
  • The kids plan to peek in through a loose shutter to see Boo Radley. While there they are surprised by Nathan who shoots towards them. They flee and Jem loses his pants on the fence. Later that night when he goes to get them they were sew.
  • Calpurina takes the children to her colored church. Lula criticizes them for coming. Rev. Sykes collects money for Tom Robinson’s wife, Helen, who cannot find work now that her husband has been accused of rape.
  • Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict that shouted rude things to people walking by. Jem got revenge by cutting off her flowers but he was then punished to read to the dying Mrs. Dubose.
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