bud not buddy ch 2,16 and 19
Updated: 3/11/2020
bud not buddy ch 2,16 and 19

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  • Chapter 2
  • Todd:he slapped me
  • Bud:I am sorry Mrs and Mr. Amos
  • Herman:so thats how the cookie is going to crumble
  • chapter 16
  • Mrs.Thomas:you would take care of a stray dog but when it comes to a child you have sympathy
  • Chapter 19
  • Mrs. Thomas:bud your mother is Herman's daughter
  • In chapter 2 :Todd was punching and kicking bud. then Mrs.Amos came to the room and todd lied by crying that he tried to get bud of the bed because he is a bed wetter.
  • In chapter 16:Bud woke up and heard herman and mrs thomas talking. then tiped toed down the stairs and heard what they were saying about him.
  • In chapter 19:Bud went up stairs to go get a picture of his mother.when he saw herman crying in the dead girl's room. then went down stairs and then mrs. thomas saw the picture and said "thats herman's daughter"