French Revolution Giselle Ramirez
Updated: 11/22/2019
French Revolution                                           Giselle Ramirez

Storyboard Text

  • marie antoinette was the queen of france her behavior only made situations worst and she spend so much money on gowns,jewels,gambaling,and gifts
  • on july 14 a mob were searching for gun powder and arms because they thought foreign troops were coming to paris too masquere. they broke into bastile prison to search for gun powder and guns.
  • on october 1789 many persians rioted the price of the bread.they broke into the palace and took it out of the king and queen.They demanded louis and marie too return to paris. The king and his family left versailles and never saw there magnificent palace
  • on june 1791 louis attempted escape from france was a failure ese the border of austin netherlands they were arrested and sent back to france guarded.
  • On september 1791 a new legislative was created the ¨legislative assembly"and the king still held the executive power to enforce laws