Storyboard travel agency
Updated: 6/2/2020
Storyboard travel agency

Storyboard Text

  • We would like to take a two week trip to Europe in May
  • I'm Maggy and she's my best friend Lily
  • Good morning
  • That's great! I will immediately show you a quote for a one-month trip
  • Nice to meet you! How can I help you?
  • Good morning ladies, welcome to our travel agency
  • That wuold be wonderful
  • Precisely in Spain, in Seville
  • Good morning
  • Honestly, I don't like it very much
  • The journey is by plane, it goes from London to Seville, with two stops, in addition, the hotel is included, and costs 990 euros for person if you take the business class
  • We wuold like a cheaper one
  • OK, you convinced me, let's take the business class
  • I prefer the first class of course, but Maggy what do you think?
  • Don't worry, there's not problem! Now I'll show you another one. This doesn't stop and is cheaper than the other one. But the hotel isn't included and it costs 100 for person
  • Not bad, we like this. What classes are there?
  • There're business class and the first class
  • I hardly recommend you take the business class, also because the first class is very expensive and the service is similar
  • You're always the usual exaggerated, let's take the business class