Roman Republic ! giuliana robyn
Updated: 9/9/2020
Roman Republic ! giuliana robyn

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storyboard of the roman republic

Storyboard Text

  • Rome was a Monarchy, and is located on the peninsula of Italy, by the Mediterranean sea, which provided food and transport.
  • Welcome to the Roman Republic! The name Rome was from Romulus, the brother of Remus who'm were raised by a wolf. Romulus wanted all power so he killed Remus and name his new land Rome.
  • Romans were polytheistic. Greek god knowledge filtered into Roman culture, known as cultural diffusion.
  • Roman God Zeus, and Roman Godess Hera.
  • People chose officials to represent them. Highest form of government was Senate, who elected 2 consuls to run government and command army.
  • The 12 tables of written laws provided security for the empire, equality under law, and right to defense and considered innocent until proven guilty.
  • Upper classes were patricians. They held important political offices. Common classes were plebians. They were farmers, artisans and merchants.
  • Social classes were based solely on birth, and were extremely rigid.
  • All male citizens were required to serve in the army. Infantry were heavily armed soldiers. Cavalry were smaller groups on horseback. Were united as upper, and common classes.
  • Corruption started when Italy went to a conquest to control Asia Minor, Greece, and Carthage.
  • In 270 BCE, all of Italy had been conquered.