Zheng He
Updated: 1/22/2020
Zheng He
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  • Zheng He
  • By: Giuseppe
  • Zheng He was born in 1371 in southwestern Yunnan province. Ming armies invaded Yunnan and took Zheng He where he would become a servant to the Chinese emperor's fourth son, Prince Zhu Di. When the prince became emperor, Zheng He was made Admiral.
  • Who was Zheng He?
  • Why is he an important person?
  • Zheng He went on seven voyages. Zheng He was the official ambassador. On the first voyage he led his fleet across the South China sea and Indian ocean areas.On all of his voyages he visited many different places to explore.
  • Application of GRAPES: Geography
  • Zheng He sailed to and explored the Malay Peninsula, to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Java, Malacca, Sumatra and on to Calicut in India.
  • Application of GRAPES: Politics
  • Zheng He's voyages to western ocean's expanded China's political influence on the entire world. He was able to get more trade deals for China between the east-west trade opportunities.
  • More positive or negative Impact?
  • Zheng He definitely had a more positive than negative impact. He led his country on many voyages to get really good goods for his country. Most recognizable, he got silk and spices for his country
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