Updated: 3/2/2020

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  • Oh! Welcome, happyto see you ! How areyou ?
  • Hello, I'm hereAnd I'm fine, thanks and you ?
  • I'm very happy, it'sbeen a long time since we saw it .
  • Humm, Did you see the Nation Gallery ? Did you cross the London Eye? Did youwent The Walkie Talkie? Did you visitThe Shard ? Did you see Buckingham Palace? Did you went Madame Tussauds ?
  • I visited in London the Wesminster Abbey, the British Museum, Madame Tussauds and theMillenium Bridge.
  • I didn't go to London Eye because it's very expensive. I didn't visit the National Gallery because it's boring! I didn't see The Walkie Talkie because I didn't haveenough time. I didn't go to the Buckingham Palace because it's crowded .I didn'tvisit The Shard because I didn't have money. I didn't see Madame Tussauds  because it's far .
  • Did you find this trip interesting ? Is London a beautiful city ? What are your comments on this trip
  • This trip is very interesting and awesome because there are many monuments and information. London is amazing city because it's beautiful. My trip was marvelous because themonuments are very different than here.
  • You are too Lucky !I would like to go too !
  • You're welcome ,it was great , see you next time
  • Oh really, thank you so much !
  • No, thanks
  • I bought you a gift from London
  • Do you want eat Something ?
  • London
  • I'm exhausted, thank you for this incredible day , I go by taxi and you ?
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