Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • At School...
  • At the playground
  • Look! I built a sand castle
  • Yeah!
  • Wow. It looks great
  • I can't wait to eat my lunch
  • Me too. My mom made my favorite food
  • This is a story about a child who never washes his hands before every meal. Let us all watch how the story unveiled how he and his family learned the importance of practicing proper hand hygiene in eliminating disease-causing-germs.
  • I'll go too!
  • Sure. My hands are all dirty from playing a while ago
  • Hey! Let's wash our hands first
  • It was a sunny Monday morning when Jonathan and his friends decided to play at the school’s playing grounds during their play time.
  • No need. I already wiped them on my clothes
  • Jonathan, you won't wash your hands?
  • It was a fun playtime when suddenly the school bell rang.
  • Jonathan and his friends bring out their lunchboxes. Before they eat, his friend Jomari insisted that they wash their hands first.
  • His friends hesitantly left Jonathan alone in the table since he insisted that he will not wash his hands.