the base ment
Updated: 12/10/2020
the base ment

Storyboard Text

  • How the kids down there
  • ok lets go cheack
  • we went to Didactic way to keep them quite
  • Didactic (adj): intending to teach, usually in a methodical way
  • whats that Fetid smell
  • been there for days
  • Fetid (adj): having a rotten smell; stinking
  • Get it out of here
  • Idyllic (adj): romantically picturesque, especially as related to rural life seen as peaceful and innocent
  • this aint a Idyllic environment
  • Purport (v)/ (n): to claim or profess, often falsely
  • no one would purport us
  • freddy
  • who sinister plan was that
  • snitch
  • Sinister (adj): seeming to promise evil or misfortune; mean
  • this is not a viable environment
  • Viable (adj): able to sustain life, that which can survive; workable and thus likely to continue
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