Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I read a book called, "The Year of Billy Miller. The settings in that book is: school, Billy's house, Ruby's cupboard.
  • Billy is afraid of 2nd grade because he thinks he is not smart enough. He faces many problems in the school year. So his parents and teachers encourage him and help to solve the problem
  • I think the theme of this book is that, don't always care about what other people say or think. I know this because it says that when Billy said, "Thank you papa!" Emma said that, it was so babyish. So Billy went home told papa that he is going to say to him dad from now on.
  • The main character is Billy Miller. He likes bats, his family and his friend Ned. Also he really likes to go to his favorite restaurant, Ruby's cupboard.
  • The main problem in the book is that Billy is afraid of 2nd grade, because he thinks he is not smart enough. And when he faces these problem, his parents help him.
  • I infer that it will take a long time to say the word dad Instead of papa. Because, The text said, “ ‘Hi – dad’ His voice was just athread of itself. Saying the word dad felt odd"