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The Real Pirates of the Caribbean
Updated: 9/27/2020
The Real Pirates of the Caribbean
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  • Edward "Blackbeard" Teach was the most famous pirate in his time. He used to put fuses into his hair and beard which gave off smoke which made him look fierce in battle. He was killed by pirate hunters on November of 1718.
  • Captain Henry Morgan was a privateer. Which means that he had permission to attack Spanish ships and loot them whenever he wanted. He launched three raids from 1668 to 1671 sacking Spanish ports/ships and making himself rich and famous.
  • John "Calico Jack" Rackham got his nickname from the colorful clothes he wore. He is also famous for having two female pirates serving on his ship: Anne Bonny (left) and Mary Reed. (right) In 1720 Jack was captured, tried and Hanged.
  • François l'Olonnais was an expert torturer. One of his tortures was to tie a rope around a victim's head until their eyes popped out! He was also often found at Tortuga. He was known for his ferocity and cruelty. He died when he was eaten by cannibal indigenous people.
  • Anne Bonnie, one of Calico Jack's two female pirates, was just as good as any man pirate. She was also Jack's lover.
  • Mary Read, who also served with Calico Jack, was one of the toughest pirates out there. She once challenged a veteran pirate to a personal duel and won. All to save a young man she fancied. When she was tried she claimed to be pregnant to avoid hanging. Though this didn't help her for she died in jail.
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