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Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Environmental Pull Factor
  • Political Push factor
  • (Adapt) to the weather
  • Its quite a sunny day! Might as well wear some shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Farmer joe and his wife Anna moved to Idaho because they have lots of farm ground there.
  • Cultural Diffusion
  • Lets make McDonald's in other countries.
  • Aaron and his wife are being pushed out of their home because the government raised taxes and they can't afford them.
  • Monarchy Government
  • Me and my queen are the ones who rule around here!
  • Miguel decided to wear clothes that would better fit to the sunny weather
  • Dictatorship
  • I'm the only one who rules around here!
  • The McDonalds spread by not changing there name but changing there food to adapt to that culture in different countries!
  • It is when where a King or Queen rule the country
  • Dictatorship is where one person who has the whole power over the country