Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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  • I want to be the strongest warrior in the island to protect Amazonians!
  • I am Diana,the daughter of the Queen Hippolyta. I was raised on the hidden island of Themyscira, home to the Amazonian warrior women created by Zeus to protect mankind.
  • Diana,come here! Let me train you as the strongest warrior!
  • Can I see the "Godkiller"?
  • One day, Diana was trained with the other Amazons.
  • Zeus used the last of his power to wound Ares and force his retreat. Then Zeus left the Amazons the island and a weapon, the "Godkiller", to prepare for Ares' return.
  • Suddenly,she burst into great power!
  • Ares, Zeus's son became jealous of humanity and orchestrated its destruction.
  • She hurt her aunt and felt very sorry to her.
  • Sleep now,Diana. I hope we don't need the "Godkiller" any more.
  • When the other gods attempted to stop him, Ares killed all but Zeus.
  • It must be Ares!Take me to the war!
  • I need to save that guy.
  • Diana heard the plane crash into the sea.
  • Who are you?
  • My name is Steve Trevor.I am an Allied spy.There is a big war outside and thousands of people dead from the war!
  • The army which followed the man to this island was fighting with Amazons. They used guns to kill many Amazons.
  • Steve has stolen a notebook of the chief chemist Isabel Maru, who is attempting to engineer a deadlier form of mustard gas, under the order of General Erivh Ludendorff.
  • Diana heard about it,she decided to go with Steve.
  • Mother,I have to go.
  • After Diana saving the man,something bad has happened.
  • Sir, I have seen that gas with my own eyes,if it is used, it will kill everyone on both sides.We have to find the gas and destroy it !
  • They attended London and changed their clothes.
  • Wait, where will it be used?
  • They went to the British government,Diana read the information on the notebook for them.
  • Great! Then we can release the gas at the Western Front!
  • Are you insane? I can't introduce rogue element this late in the case!
  • They decided to join the war and found another three useful guys to help them.
  • I need to help them!
  • Captain Ludendorff, I found the way to produce the deadly gas!
  • They went through the bridge and saw many people in need.
  • No! Diana! You can't help them!
  • They saw an empty land and there were so many people had no food.Diana wanted to go across that land and help those people.
  • The next day, they went to the German High Command,there was a gala that hosted by Ludendorff.
  • Diana's growth
  • We can not leave without helping them,these people are dying!
  • Diana got in the gala and she was ready to kill Ludendorff.But Steve stopped her.
  • This is No Man's Land!Diana!Means no one can cross it !Because on the other side,there are a bunch of Germans pointing guns at every square inch of this place!
  • Although it sounds impossible,but Diana made it.
  • They fell in love with each other.
  • Suddenly,they saw someone firing the gas to a small town.
  • No.It's really magical!
  • No!
  • Oh,It snowed .Have you ever seen snow before?
  • They departed on their different way.
  • But soon Diana found the war wasn't stopped.She felt very furious.Steve asked her to come with him,but she refused.
  • Diana decided to save the world
  • I understand everything now.It isn't just the Germans that Ares has corrupted,it's you too.All of you!
  • I will find Ares and kill him!
  • Steve saw the plane which was filled with the gas.
  • I hereby complete the mission of the Amazons to ridding this world of you forever!
  • What are you saying? Steve,whatever it is,I can do it.
  • We have to go.
  • although Ludendorff was more powerful than before,but Diana killed him quickly.
  • Diana and her comrades arrived London battlefield.
  • You are wrong about them.It's not about deserving,it's about what you believe.
  • Look at this world,Mankind did this ,not me.They are ugly,filled with hatred and weak,just like your captain Trevor.
  • Destroy her,Diana.Do it!
  • That's not god killer.You are!
  • Gone and left you nothing.And for what?Pathetic!They deserved to burn!
  • Many years later.
  • NO!!!
  • Steve got on the plane and burn it.
  • I used to want to save the world,to end war and bring peace to mankind.
  • Diana won the first battle and met the Ares who she thought.
  • Out of my way!
  • I will stop Ares!
  • Ludendorff is Ares!
  • What are you doing?
  • If you kill Ludendorff before we find the gas,we won't be able to stop anything!
  • What if you are wrong?
  • They are all dead!I could have saved them!I could have saved them if it weren't for you!You stopped me from killing Ares!
  • You are him!
  • The real Ares appeared.
  • And who truly knows them as you now do.They always been and always will be weak,cruel,selfish and capable of greatest horrors.
  • You were right,Diana.They don't deserve our help.
  • I am.But I am not what you thought.
  • I am not your enemy,  Diana.I'm the only one who truly knows you.
  • No!
  • No...no,Let me do it,it has to be me.
  • I could save today.You can save the world.
  • I wish we had more time.I love you!
  • Diana defeated Ares by love.
  • And I believe in love.
  • Goodbye brother.
  • Then I will destroy you!
  • But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their mind.
  • And now I know,that only love can truly save the world.So I stay.I fight and I give for the world I know can be.
  • This is my mission now.Forever.
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