Updated: 1/14/2020
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  • Mang Tonyo! why are my plants looks dead and doesn't have a life?! You useless gardener!
  • Don Ruiz, I already took care of them and the leaves will die and sprout then begin to grow new leaves again, it's nature's cycle Don Ruiz.
  • Don I may be poor but I'm contented and happy of what my life is.
  • FOOLISH GARDENER! Waiting for the time that's why you're family are poor! You're lazy! waiting for the plants to sprout!
  • There was a rich merchant who lived in the countryside named Don Ruiz. He lived his life in lavish, boastful ways because his wealth is alone with him but even though he is rich, he's not contented of what he has. Across to his house lived his gardener, Mang Tonyo and his family who enjoys and is contented in their life even if they are poor.
  • Excuse me, sir, I have something to inform you that you have insufficient balance in your bank account.
  • Yes, sir. The bank noticed the final payment of your house and other properties and we'll have to force you to leave right now.
  • As Don Ruiz passed by his garden he noticed that his plants are wilted and then suddenly he met his gardener Mang Tonyo.
  • Yes, it's me, I'm here to say sorry for what I have done to you. I hope you can forgive me. Now everything is gone to me, I realized that I should be grateful for what I have and should save or help other people. I was so greedy and mean to you.
  • Don?! Is that you?!
  • I'm happy that you realize it now sir but I want you to know that it's not too late to change and I and my family are willing to help you with that and you are welcome in this house.
  • In his anger, he judged Mang Tonyo poor. Days passed he continued to be mean and boast his richness to Mang Tonyo. Every day he would go out with his friends in the Casino to be richer and buying expensive things for himself.
  • When he was in the Casino playing with his friend, an agent came near to him to inform his current balance in his bank account. Shocked about the revelation he had no choice but to leave in the Casino. He was nowhere to go but his gardener's house because his house has a new owner already and all of his things and money are gone. Nothing was left to him.
  • Oh no! My checking account bounced?! Are you sure?! I can't be poor!
  • Mang Tonyo forgived Don Ruiz and welcomed him in his house even though he is poor. Ruiz accepted Mang Tonyo's offer to stay in his house and considered him also as his friend.
  • They have their dinner and talks about Mang Tonyo's life. Ruiz was amazed at how beautiful Mang Tonyo's heart is even he is poor. He was guilty and promised to Mang Tonyo's family to change and to help them everything he can in exchange for letting him stay in their house. Ruiz lived his life not forgetting what he had learned in his life and that is to be grateful for what we have and be joyful in just simple things.
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