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SYS 581 Storyboard 1
Updated: 2/20/2019
SYS 581 Storyboard 1
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Executive Summary

Storyboard Text

  • Operational Need
  • Approved by:
  • Stakeholders
  • NASA
  • Techs/ Employees
  • US Govt
  • The UN
  • Features
  • inf years since system fail
  • A single communication system that can organize the internal and external affairs of the colony that is responsible for both communicating externally with Earth and other missions, and managing the internal affairs of the colony through integration of communications. C3 is robust and secure, with multiple fail-safes and backups to make sure the colony does not fall into disarray in the case of a fault.
  • Proposed System Concept
  • Stakeholders of the C3 system include National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the United States government, the United Nations, and any technicians and employees such as astronauts, maintenance, and third party contractors.
  • Larger Context Operations
  • Agriculture
  • Mars
  • Features include security through multi-factor authentication (biometrics) and military-grade encryption, robustness so that software updates are unneeded for at least 10 years after initial shipping, reliability through no system downtime and secondary system boots if first system fails, and triple redundance so that a backup can be used in the case of a fault in the primary or secondary system.
  • Key Specifications
  • The proposed system concept includes a mirrored system on both Earth and Mars which facilitates easy troubleshooting along with many tools and spare equipment handy to allow for any important notifications between the two parties.
  • Earth System
  • Mars System
  • Facilitate command, control, and communications through human and automatic interfacing between other compound components, perform necessary maneuvers to keep everything under control, encompass and facilitate all communications between the compound and also to external resources such as NASA and other spaceships, along with server data storage on both planets.
  • Earth
  • C3
  • Power
  • Water
  • Environment
  • Establish communication between other internal components to C3, external components to other systems inside the compound (i.e. water, power, agriculture, etc), and external components outside of compound (Earth), conduct communication with Earth, regulate communications between other systems, perform any necessary security maneuvers.
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