Updated: 12/10/2020

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  • Negative Impact on biosphere and biodiversity: Habitat Fragmentation from logging
  • Habitat Fragmentation occurs when the earth system of life (biodiversity of plant and animal life) is altered by human or nonhuman activity that splits a large habitat in several smaller separate ones. Here, we see a forest divided by logging.
  • It may not seem significant- a few trees being cut isn't a wall or fence but the loss of the habitats of the trees combined with the disruptive nature of moving wood and strip cutting is enough to isolate fragments into function islands that cannot be connected
  • As this occurs, biodiversity decreases as organisms die because 1: there are fewer resources available in each fragment 2: species who depend on each other can be separated 3: previously trivial random events are amplified (IE: eggs falling from trees ). On these "islands" or fragments, isolation makes the stakes for everything higher
  • Here, ants that used to depend on each other for survival were separated and die without each other. They helped feed the toucans who regulated the amount of palm trees. No toucans means the palm trees crowd out the orange trees and kill the robins who nest in them. During a storm, a parrot is killed meaning the species will eventually perish as it was the only male parrot on its fragment. Habitat fragmentation means 5 species were lost here.
  • I'm Elizabeth Kolbert, professor and author of "The 6th Extinction." That example was based off a true story in Chapter 9 about a rainforest in Brazil. The Birds are different but the consequences are real. Something as simple as logging can claim hundreds of species (as everything interacts), not just the 5 in this example. If we aren't careful with where and how we log, strip clearing and creating islands in forests could doom countless plants, animals and insects to death as well as harm humans who depend on them for things like food and pollination.
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