Brownian Motion
Updated: 1/12/2020
Brownian Motion
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  • Hey Guys today we learnt about Brownian Motion in Science Class. Lets take you back to a flashback of when it happened
  • Hi guys my name is Robert Brown welcome to my lab. I was just doing an experiment
  • Why are these pollen grains moving in such a random manner.
  • This is James and Eleanor from Montrose Middle School. Today they learnt about Brownian Motion today
  • Sadly Robert Brown could not celebrate his discovery as he passed away before he could.
  • This is Robert Brown's lab in Montrose,United Kingdom. Robert Brown was a botanist who dicovered Brownian Motion
  • I think the discovery that Robert Brown made was actually a very important one. It is an erratic random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid. As a result of the moluceles around them. I am going to name this discovery Brownian Motion
  • Robert Brown didn't know what huge discovery he had just made.
  • Thanks to Robert Brown and Albert Einstein the world is now educated about Brownian Motion
  • James and Elaeanor also learnt this.
  • After a couple of years Albert Einstein looked back to the discovery of Brownian Motion and produced a theory. He then named it after Robert Brown to give him credit of his discovery.
  • Brownian Motion now plays an important part of our everyday lives THE END
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