Updated: 6/16/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Shot- Close Up ShotAngle- Eye LevelLighting- Headlights On and Focus On Jeremy
  • It’s my favourite hat obviously!
  • Close Up of Jeremy replying.
  • But whyyyyy???
  • Scene 3Shot 3.2
  • But mum said it’s time for bed! And why did I hear Billy Bad Boy? You know mum doesn’t let you watch that. It’s not a good show. She says not to listen to it and feed on it. I know what you need to do Jeremy. I have the perfect solution!
  • Close Up of Jeanie talking.
  • Shot- Close Up ShotAngle- Eye LevelLighting- Lights On Jeanie
  • Scene 3Shot 3.3
  • Scene 3Shot 3.3
  • Shot- Medium ShotAngle- Eye LevelLighting- At the start it will be completely dark then gradually the light will get brighter to show the sun has risen.Audio- Jeanie's Music
  • Jeremy yawning, waking up and singing. He also turns the volume up of his CD player and talks to himself. .
  • I am brave, I am strong!
  • Scene 3Shot 3.4
  • Scene 3Shot 3.5
  • Pitch black to indicate that Jeremy went to sleep.
  • Scene 3Shot 3.6
  • Scene 3Shot 3.7