Unknown Story
Updated: 4/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "there arrived in the town the traveling show of the woman who had been changed into a spider for having disobeyed her parents. "
  • " The admission to see her was not only less than the admission to see the angel, but people were permitted to ask her all manner of questions about her absurd state and to examine her up and down so that no one would ever doubt the truth of her horror. "
  • "While still practically a child she had sneaked out of her parents’ house to go to a dance, and while she was coming back through the woods after having danced all night without permission, a fearful thunderclap rent the sky in two and through the crack came the lightning bolt of brimstone that changed her into a spider. "
  • " She was a frightful tarantula the size of a ram and with the head of a sad maiden."
  • "because then he was no longer an annoyance in her life but an imaginary dot on the horizon of the sea."
  • The theme is hierocracy, "He argued that if wings were not the essential element in determining the difference between a hawk and an airplane, they were even less so in the recognition of angels. " after finding out the old man couldn't speak Latin the priest dismissed him as jus an old man with wings