wa2 history
Updated: 3/27/2020
wa2 history

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  • Expansion of the SS army
  • with the expansion of the SS nazi army, we will exterminate all jews!
  • Gemrnay Parliamentary elections
  • Reoccupation of Rhineland
  • We will take back what is ours!
  • With Hitler becoming Furher, The SS army grew from just being Hitler's personal bodyguards to being one of the most feared organisations in Nazi Germany.
  • Jews stripped of their rights
  • No! Jews have no rights!
  • Please, I have a family to support!
  • The elections in 1936 asked voters whether they approved of the occupation of Rhineland and if they aprroved of only having Reichstag as the only party in the parliament
  • Night of the Broken Glass
  • Be quiet! Come with me to the camp
  • In 1936, 22,000 German troops marched into Rhineland, occupying it. This broke the terms of the Treaty Of Versailles
  • Invasion of Poland (start of ww2)
  • Poland shall be ours!
  • In 1937, Jews in Germany were stripped of civil, political and legal rights. Jews were banned from having professions such as Teachers, Lawyers and Doctors
  • The propganda minister of germany, Joseph Goebbels initiated a free for all againist the Jews. Synagogues were destroyed, Jewish homes were looted, a hundred Jews were killed and about 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps
  • Please just let me be back with my parents!
  • In 1939, Germany invaded poland and was conquering it at an alarming rate. This caused Britan to come to Poland's aid as they had previously signed a mutual pact. This marked the start of World War 2