Heroes Journey

Updated: 5/14/2020
Heroes Journey

Storyboard Text

  • Allies and helpers/ road of trialsLater, after Tony escapes from the cave, he returns back home. He has to remove a wire from his body and he can't do it. So he calls his assistant, Pepper Pots, to help and she does and helps Tony get the wire out. There was also a time, where Tony built his new suit, and warlords took over a place called Gulmira, which was the place Yinsen was from. Tony left to stop them, and he did easily.
  • Ordinary worldTony was suppose to be at a ceremony for him getting and award.
  • Call to adventure/ Entering the unknownTony Stark was on in the desert doing a weapons presentation. And later he was ambushed. The military fought trying to protect him but lost. He was kidnapped and taken to a cave. When he was brought to the cave he was unconscious and the people gave him the robotic heart so he could live. They had to because he was damaged from the battle.
  • Supreme Ordeal/ Confronting the fatherIn the end, every hero has to overcome something. So Tony has to fight the man who has been running his company, in an epic showdown. Tony could not use his weapons in his suit anymore, so he came up with a plan to take down Obediah, the man that was running his company. Obediah built a suit, but way bigger. He uses the plan and wins the battle, with Obediah dead.
  • They are gonna kill us soon if we do not build the missile right?
  • Meeting the mentorWhile Tony was in the cave there was another man. He decided to help Tony escape. Tony came up with the idea to make the first ever Iron man suit and the other guy, Yinsen, helped him. But he died in the process of escaping.
  • Yes so let's find a way to escape.
  • Just remove it
  • WHAAT!
  • And stay down!
  • Just so you know The block is a prop to make it look like Tony is hiding behind something.
  • I need to hide until Pepper is ready
  • ughhhhh
  • Tony where are you?