Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mom, can I please paint my room? Please?
  • Fine, but you will have to find out how much paint we need.
  • I know that 50 can go into 224 4 full times, if we get 5 cans then we should have a little leftover.
  • Wait, how do I find how much paint I need?
  • Have no Fear! For Math Girl is here!
  • 7x8 is 56 and that for the four walls is. . . 224 ft squared!
  • Well the height is 7 ft and the width is 8 ft for each wall,
  • First of all, find the area of your walls.
  • Great! I know 1 can is able to fill 50 ft squared, so how many cans are you going to need?