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Project for laungae arts
Updated: 12/11/2019
Project for laungae arts
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  • John Hyde p1
  • Making Bombs for Hitler
  • By Marsha Skrypuch
  • .In this first cell, the main character Lida is being taken away from here home town and she was separated form he little sister and family which is very sad. "When my friends were taken that when I knew."
  • After taken from her home she was brought to a work camp and was forced in to labor to make bombs and she also worked in the laundry but even in a warm building with a nice smock it was hard work to do. "The laundry is warm and kind when the door open."
  • This stinks!!
  • Lots of people were killed and luckily Lida was able to be useful at here young age of 11 and she survived all of it. "All the dead bodies horrified my at night."
  • The barracks that they had to stay in as a home were terrible they had straw beds that were really scratchy, the pillows were solid as a rock and the heat doesen't reach anywhere in the room "The blankets don't even cover my whole body."
  • In the factory that they make bombs, They are watched by a person that is supposed to be there all the time and not take their eye of of the kids. But the guy slacked off and the kids ended up messing up the bombs by putting dirt instead of gunpowder in the nose"We have sabotaged the bombs good for us"
  • In the end Lida found her little sister and they lived a good life after that, they still were sad about their parents but happy that they survive the brutal war "Finally I have found larissa is my arms"
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