Social Studies Part 2 !
Updated: 12/11/2020
Social Studies Part 2 !

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  • Sir ! We can not camp out here all winter long !
  • Well we have to stay out here, we have no where else to go !
  • We barley have any food left !
  • How am I going to give them the supplies on time ?!
  • Road closed.
  • George Washington set up camp at Valley Forge, about 20 miles to the west. There, Washington and his troops suffered through a terrible winter.
  • We need to make more huts for the sick !
  • George Washington and his troops suffered a horrible winter. They lacked decent food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.
  • You have to take this medicine.
  • Snowstorms and damaged roads slowed the delivery of supplies. This made it even harder to get good food, supplies, and clothing.
  • Lets leave, we obviously are struggling and nothing is working !
  • The Continental Army built huts and gathered supplies from the countryside in an attempt to make a shelter for the sick and for themsleves.
  • Multiple volunteers including George Washington's wife, Martha made clothes for the troops and cared for the sick.
  • Some of the troops deserted and left without permission. Yet the Continental Army did survive the winter. Spring came, and the conditions gradually improved. And new soldiers joined the army.
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