Updated: 5/26/2020

Storyboard Text

  • This is Issy and her pet, Cariad a tiger withpegasus wings. Her and Cariad like to save lots of the animals in their city.
  • Do you know where this Alicorn lives?
  • Yes, I do actually...
  • Issy and Cariad live in an enchanted forest where they bring many of their rescued pets.
  • One day, when they were going for a walk in the forest, they find a baby alicorn.
  • After asking many people and creatures in the forest, they find out the alicorns live in a mountain far away.
  • So they set off on a long quest to find the alicorn's lost family. This would take them a gruelling week.
  • They had been traveling for 3 days, when they come across a massive dragon. The dragon starts shooting massive balls of fire straight at them! quickly they dodge the fire and speedily fly away.