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Personal Finance
Updated: 12/4/2018
Personal Finance
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  • At a car dealership Cat man and Mystic were talking about Cat man wanting a new cat mobile. Mystic then asked about his credit history
  • Hey Mystic, check out the new CAT MOBILE! 
  • My what?
  • Well that is awesome! What about your credit score?
  • A Credit score is what lenders/dealers use to see how reliable a person is to pay back the loan in full. The average credit score for Americans is 689 but it can vary. You should probably figure it out. You can check on one of the three biggest credit score checking sites, Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion
  • I guess being a hero does not pay much... I better call Mystic!
  • MYSTIC! OMG I need your help!!! Tell me all you know about credit history!
  • Payment history (35%), credit utilization (30%), average credit age (15%), new inquiries (10%), and account mix (10%)
  • How is my credit history scored?
  • Alright. So a credit history can range from 300-850 but it can vary from different places though 90% of Americans use FICO for their credit score.
  • Based on your score, you need a job
  • WOW THANKS! I will take that deal!
  • Sir I cannot seem to get a car I really want
  • Oh good sir do not be sad. I will give you the car at only a 25% APR! 
  • After months of trying to pay off his auto loan debt, Cat man was growing impatient with the ever building debt on his shoulders. He then realized that he should have never taken that deal.
  • I should not have been so stupid! I sold everything I owned for that car!
  • Then he had an idea...
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