Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • Yea, sure. To start you off, there are three types of rock families, They are metamorphic , Igneous and Sedimentary.
  • Can You teach me a little bit about the rocks and the rock cycle?
  • Exactly
  • Lets talk about how these rocks are formed.
  • I know how Sedimentary rocks are formed, sediment layers are compacted together over millions of years and they then harden and became sedimentary rocks
  • Igneous rocks are formed when lava cools and solidifies, there are two types of Igneous Rocks extrusive and Intrusive
  • And Metamorphic rocks are formed when the parent rock goes under extreme high pressure and changes.
  • Now that you know about rocks, time to learn about the rock cycle, It starts from either sediments of magma
  • If it starts from sediments, the sediments go through compaction and cementation and becomes sedimentary rock
  • And after that through Heat and pressure it can become metamorphic rock and with weathering and erosion it can become a sedimentary rock again.
  • Metamorphic rocks can also melt and become magma, and the magma can cool and become and igneous rock. And through weathering and erosion the rock can become sediments.
  • And the rock cycle just repeats itself.
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