Storyboard French Rev
Updated: 1/9/2020
Storyboard French Rev
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  • Storming of the Bastille
  • Napoleon crowns himself Emperor
  • Events that led to overthrow of King Louis XVI and the French Rev. A huge mob of people attacked the Bastille prison. It was the start of the French Rev and the fall of the French monarchy.
  • We need to go find every one else so we can attack the Bastille. Lets go overthrow King Louis XVI.
  • I agree, lets go now.
  • Napoleon restructures the educational system
  • The Reign of Terror was a period of about 11 months during the French Revolution. During this time, French people who did not support the revolution were executed at the guillotine. Itstarted on 5 September, 1793. ...
  • We will be okay as long as we hide and stay away. come on lets go home, fast.
  • Reign of Terror
  • Mommy, daddy im scared. I see them beheading people in the main part of the town.
  • My legs hurt we still have so long til we get there !
  • It was one of the earliest and most significant events of the French Revolution. ... Encouraged by revolutionary agitators, they raided the city armory for weapons and marched to the Palace of Versailles.
  • The Women's March on Versailles
  • Stop crying. You chose to do this.
  • period!
  • December 2nd, 1804 Napoleon crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I at Notre Dame de Paris. he snatched the crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII and crowned himself
  • YES! I snatched the crown, I am now emperor!!!!!!!!
  • Napoleon built many newschools for boys age 10 to 16. He recognized the importance of education.Although he did not create a system of mass education, education was more available to the middle class than it ever had been before
  • Ikr! maybe now we will actually have a chance of being in the military ayeeee
  • Thx to Napoleon now we have education yasss!
  • Napoleon sets up a new set of laws called the Napoleonic Code
  • French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte makes a new legal framework for France, known as the “Napoleonic Code.” The civil code gave France its first set of laws concerning property, colonial affairs, the family, and individual rights
  • mwahahahah now U are all under the rule of me!!!
  • UGHHH! Why do we have rules and laws to follow now, I liked having lots of freedom
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