Much Ado About Nothing act 2 scene 1
Updated: 1/29/2021
Much Ado About Nothing act 2 scene 1

Storyboard Text

  • Beatrice and Hero discuss the perfect husband, and what he would be like...
  • Oh, someone fun, but also organised and quiet.
  • Who would be the perfect man for you, Hero?
  • I do not want a husband, Leonato.
  • I hope one day you have a husband, Beatrice.
  • On that note, I believe that Don Pedro will propose to you, Hero.
  • I'd better get my mask on
  • Hello, my lady. You are looking beautiful today.
  • Don Pedro tries to win Hero for his friend, Claudio who is madly in love with her, and Beatrice pretends that she does not know that it is Benedick under the mask...
  • Oh, that Benedick. Do you know him? He is such an idiot.
  • I know who you are, Benedick!!
  • Ah, Benedick! I have heard that Don Pedro plans to take Hero for himself!
  • I am not Benedick...Hang on! The lying scum! He said he was my friend! And how unfaithful women are!
  • Claudio! My enemy! Perhaps I could stir up some trouble here...
  • Don John despises his brother and his friend, Claudio. He wishes to ruin Claudio's plan to marry and the friendship between Don Pedro and him Hero by spreading lies...