Part 1 Grace 7A - Racism Dance Storyboard
Updated: 6/2/2020
Part 1 Grace 7A - Racism Dance Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • As a starting position for this dance, Amelia and Aaliyah start off by holding each others hands to demonstrate that no matter what happens, they're always there for eachother.
  • Then, to give eachother a turn to earn the spotlight to show who they are, Amelia moves to the side in a calm plie when Aaliyah makes a move and does a beautiful leap.
  • Now to give Amelia the spotlight, Aaliyah stays to the side in fifth position while Amelia makes a beautiful pirouette.
  • To show how them being 2 different but beautiful women of colour and to show how they're no different from anyone else, together they make a leap, where Amelia leaps first, then Aaliyah to the left side of the stage.
  • After landing in a plie, Amelia and Aaliyah but both their arms on their waist, with their back strong and straight to show their strength as their unique selves.
  • Making the next move, Amelia and Aaliyah do a pirouette while reflecting on why they're on stage today and the purpose and passion of them being here today.