Part 2 Grace 7A racism storyboard
Updated: 6/3/2020
Part 2 Grace 7A racism storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Now that they've demonstrated the good parts and the support, Amelia and Aaliyah thought that it would be best to show what life is like for those suffering from racism, and to do this, Aaliyah.
  • We're all the same and people who say that say that others are different just becauseof their colour can really affect others emotions ; so here, Aaliyah is immitating how those who are discriminated against feel, while Amelia is immitating the unacceptable behaviour of those who discriminate.
  • We can see here, that Aaliyah has no one to protect her or to support her. So she needs to stay strong and to help stand up for those who are also discriminated against. So here she stands up tall and just like Amelia, does a pirouette, pushing her aside.
  • Even though Aaliyah stood up for herself, still, in the world there are people who don't have the courage to stand up for themselves ; so now Amelia and Aaliyah show how as humans, we should stand up for those who can't, So here, Amelia holds Aaliyah's hand while she does a leap
  • Here, Amelia and Aaliyah are doing a plie, while sticking there hand out to show that they not only support each other, but are also there for so many more people who need someone to talk to .
  • Finally to end off this dance of different journies, in fifth position, Amelia and Aaliyah wrap there arms around each other and take a bow to thank everyone for watching their performance.