DIstant Land
Updated: 6/15/2020
DIstant Land
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  • In a land names Frostlandia, there was a ruler named Queen Grace. She ruled the kingdom fairly and was always quick to fix the problems in the kingdom. She was the best ruler any kingdom could ask for.
  • Almost everyone loved the Queen. She was kind, caring, and good at ruling. So, it was all a devastating shock when she was pronounced dead to the kingdom due some unknown cause.
  • News
  • Many people were curious about the cause of the late queen's death. People specualated that the Queen was murdered, others thought she died of illness. Other people were also wondered who would rule the kingdom now. Would it be her ambassadors or her younger brother?
  • Bakery
  • It all came to a shock when a new ruler was sworn in only a week after the death of the Queen. The king was the younger tbother was the past Queen, King Boba.
  • Only shortly after the coronation of King Boba, there were many people that disliked him. He only cared for himself and paid no attention to the problems that were present in the kingdom. Many people were angry and they decided to utlize their rights to protest.
  • And so, the people of Frostlandia managaged to overthrow King Boba and re-elect a new leader. The citizens of the kingdom voted on one of the very trusted ambassadors of the late Queen, Sarah Diouri. And they lived happily ever after the end.
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